Friday, August 19, 2011

Whirlwind Much?

Married? Check...Honeymooned? Check...Moved into the townhouse? Check...Moving outta the townhouse? Umm...what?! Moving out? We just got settled! Ha, nope. Uncle Sam says you're not staying in that townhouse that you just spent four months getting into "decent" shape, you're moving to Hillbilly Haven, Tn...or Germany...fantastic!
Our married life has been a whirlwind of big decisions, me learning how to accept things that I cannot change, and very much tackling the big girl idea of living outta my comfort zone.
During the course of our first military move, we have traveled to Tn, signed the lease for a gorgeous new house that we actually both agreed on (amazing!), traveled back home and are smack dab in the middle of living like the homeless as we spend our few final weeks in Md. I am battling the notion of leaving home and it is not coming easy for this cry baby. Anxiety is running high in my pretty lil head and fear of the unknown kills me. The hubby is trying his best to work with me as I move from one freak out to the next and bless his lil heart (isn't that how Southern women talk?... just practicing...)  he is dealing with his emotional train wreck of a wife like a champ. I find myself changing more each day. It's scary. I don't want to lose the person that I am but am working on becoming a newer model without the kinks of fear and anxiety looming over my head. Slowly learning that life is an adventure. Make the best of what is thrown my way. And, above all, God is in control.

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