Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ranting my life away...

Ok. Time to vent. Lists are best for the ADD in me. Shall I begin?

1.) People not willing to take a stand. Yes-I do fall into this category to a certain degree but when it is a matter of black and white- TAKE A FREAKIN STAND! Support others, not knock them down. Be a good friend. Speak the truth in love. Things we learn in kindergarten.

2.) Parents. I write notes and put reminders in the kids homework books each week. READ THEM! If it says sign and return-SIGN AND RETURN the dang paper! If it has a due date on it-ABIDE BY THE DUE DATE! I have become hardened to parents. No longer are the days where I will try to please all of you. YOU have turned me into the seasoned teacher that will NOT chase you down. If you forget a due date, reminder note or something else of the sort we are going to chalk it up as an oversight on your part and do not expect me to rectify it by going out of my way for you. I will not stand for being yelled at, screamed at, or cursed at. If you cannot talk to me as a professional adult you may leave and try again once you are finishied throwing your temper tantrum of a fit. Furthermore, I will not spend my entire planning period (all of 20 minutes) talking to you about trivial matters such as lost library books that YOU and YOUR CHILD are responsible for, reasons you are late EVERY day, or a list of excuses as to why you did your childs homework (which btw great job I give you a check plus on kindergarten homework...if only I could get little Johnny to write in cursive in class as neatly as he does on his kindergarten homework). Kids are sponges. They learn by example. Teach them organization. Teach them honesty and responsibility, not excuses. Everyone loses things, has a bad day, doesn't have time to get tasks accomplised, or fails at times. Accept responsibility and walk away with a valuable learning experience.

3.) Wedding plans. I am not going to conform to the pressure. It's about the marriage NOT the wedding. It is not in me to have a barbie doll wedding. Yes, I want it to be nice with some pretties but I will not take my parents broke with a formal wedding and wasting thousands of dollars on trivial things. I will not be the girl who obsesses over napkins and invitations. You know what? I bought my invitations at Joanns and am printing them myself. Thats right-I did not spend $3.oo on each invitation to have it professionally personalized. And you know what? I'm ok with that. I am not having the typical reception. I don't know if we'll even have room at the restaurant to have our first dance. I've accepted that. I don't know how the food will be. I've accpeted that. Military life is teaching me a hard lesson on being flexible. I hate it but I'm learning. I have all I need knowing that I have HIM. Wedding planning? We have the preacher. We're set. I'm working on accepting that :)

4.) MY parents. Bless their overbearing, controlling lil hearts. I am an adult at the ripe old age of 25. I do not need to be reminded that it's a "school night". I do not need to call to check in every hour. You do not need to know where I am and who I am with every minute of my life. I understand the worrying and concern but let's loosen the reigns a bit huh? :)

5.) Snow days. I'm a teacher. I'm all about snow days but...WHAT THE HECK. I'm trying to plan a wedding HEeellooooo?!?!?! Let's lay off the blizzard and icy conditions until next year please.

Oh and what to do on this snow day? Eat bags of candy that will make me break out worse than I already am because of stress and worry, do my nails that haven't been decently taken care of in MONTHS, take a bath, (if I can get our wonderful hot water heater to provide me with enough HOT water), wedding plans that I WILL NOT stress about, and maybe a chic flic or some good ol Gilmore Girls to wind up the night.

Disclaimer: I am not always this cranky. Crankiness is attributed to the rudeness, irresponsibility-ness ( yes it's a word-I say so) of others. This too shall pass.

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  1. Hey, Dont let people pressure you into things that you dont want for your wedding. Invitations to my wedding were done by word of mouth....honestly if I had my way I would have shown up in jeans and a dress shirt, and I wouldnt have had flowers (my mil made the arrangements and fake flowers were used). Of course we had different circumstances, and I really didnt plan any of our wedding, it was still nice and it really was what I wanted something small, with our pastor, and close friends and family. I feel you with the parental thing, I'm 26 years old, married, with a child and my mother still thinks its necessary to tell me to turn the tv off and the lights out when I'm leaving MY OWN apt. She also thinks its necessary to scold me for not having my son bundled up like an Eskimo to run to the car from a building or a building to the car...babies only need one more layer than what the parent is wearing and when in the car easily can get over heated....but I'm still wrong ( oh, and knock on wood, Marty has yet to get really sick this winter...hmmmm wonder if not over bundling him has anything to do with that lol). If you ever want a break from everything your always welcome to hang out over here and get a baby fix in too!